Joyce L.

" Sorry guys it was just too good to get a pic before I ate half of it! You gotta try Contrabandz Ice Cream Lab for some hand rolled ice cream! I got the Southside Churro ice cream taco and it was BOMB! " - Joyce L.

LOL! Thanks Joyce.. Glad you enjoyed it!

Eddie N.

" I’ve tried to catch Contrabandz Ice Cream Lab for a while!! Definitely lived up to the expectations " - Eddie N.

Yay! Thanks For Catching up With us Eddie!

Jessica S.

" The girls have been wanting to try Contrabandz Ice Cream Lab rolled ice cream. They give it two thumbs up! " - Jessica S.

Whoa?!? Two Thumbs Up? Thats A Crazy Good Rating. Anyways, Thanks For Stopping By! Hope To See You Again!

Alisha R.

" stop by Contrabandz Ice Cream Lab & try their ice cream! best ice cream hands down! " - Alisha R.

Thanks Alisha! Glad To See you Liked It! Come By Again Soon!